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Get everyone involved and acknowledge them

1. Ask the audience to say hi when they arrive to your live stream so you can read their names. That will help make your live stream more personal.

2. Teach a class but take a minute at the beginning and then in the middle of the class to acknowledge who has signed in by reading their names.

Ex. Hi everyone welcome to the class... I can see that Kyle is early today, James you too. Jane and her mom are here, etc. Read as many names as you can. Start the class and make a pause to drink water, or breath or smile and then read more names.

3. If you see funny or unique comments share them with the audience. We all need to smile.

4. After the class if you can reply to the comments say thank you for attending.

5. Do not leave without telling your audience when will you have a live stream again.  Give them something to look forward to.

6. Use your creative juices to reach not only your client but whoever is around him/her while staying at home. We all know that all households are different.  Families with children, Families without children, people living alone, single moms, etc.

7. Tell your audience about your personal experiences while going through this situation since we are all in the same boat.  It is Good to show empathy.

8. Depending on what you are live streaming, I will suggest to take a little time to tell a brief inspirational, curious or funny story. You can impact the mood of your viewers.

9. Conduct and interview while live streaming. Be creative on who are going to be your guests. 

10. Do not be afraid of the being on camera.  You are the expert matter.  Try to enjoy sharing what you know. Think that you are in person with your clients. We are all using videos now to communicate and keep us together.

Here is a link to an article about free live streaming sites:

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